Saturday, 2 March 2013

SPOON # 9 - Saturday 2nd March

Here is my spoon for this week:

It's a fairly simple ash eating spoon - I know, more ash, but there is some variety on the horizon and I'm hoping to pick up some different wood from my friend, the very benevollent Tom, once I get the chance to visit his woodland. It's bigger than a tea spoon, but smaller than a dessert spoon, slightly cranked, with a shallow bowl to make getting the lips in there easier.

I know a number of spoon carvers who have made racks to hang their eating spoons on their wall and for a while have quite liked the idea of having a go at one myself. Here are two that I was watching on ebay - the more ornamental of the two went for only £28 for the rack, 6 spoons and the towel rail:

So, I'm going to have a go at making my own rack, perhaps like the first of the two above - my chip carving just isn't up to making one like the second one. And with that in mind, this week I have carved a second spoon, the same as the first, with the intention of carving another four over the next few weeks. Once I've completed it I'll post pictures.

If you are interested in the process of carving a spoon, have a look at my other blog, on the link below:


  1. Really good replication. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Alex, I'm hoping to do six - let's see if I can get the to look anything like eachother.