Friday, 11 October 2013

SPOON # 39 - Sunday 6th October

I know I've moaned a bit lately about not having time to carve - well, without wishing to go over old ground, it's also meant that I haven't spent time finding wood. So, when I came to have a carve last weekend (I know I'm only just posting this, but I did carve it last week, honest) I didn't have a lot to choose from. In fact, I only had a small piece of really quite seasoned Rowan that I'd wrapped in a carrier bag and stuck at the bottom of my carving bag to keep moist. Usually when I do this, I forget all about the wood, only to find it months later covered in black mildew. This time it hadn't gone black, but was fairly dry and hard - so much for the carrier bag method!

I'm actually quite pleased with the results, this time. It's only a small spoon, about the size of your average tea spoon - I still get a kick out of showing people these little spoons and then showing them my big carving axe and explaining that I use the axe to make the spoon - it seems a little over the top. It is based on a shape I tried before, but which didn't really work. I bought a little plastic spoon in the John Lewis sale, thinking it would be a nice design to copy, and this time I think it's worked quite well.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Great spoon again, keeping the wrapped spoon in the freezer really helps prolong the greenness I find, the only issue is that other people I the family insist on keeping food in it!

  2. My folks would be happy with wood in the freezer - would make a change from the drawer full of rabbit pelts that have been in there waiting to be tanned for a couple of years.