Friday, 1 November 2013

SPOON # 43 - 1st November

This is quite a nice little laurel eating spoon (if I do say so myself - I'm quite pleased with it). Thought I'd try a little kolrossing in something of a tartan style - on my way to trying that basket weave pattern that I like so much. Next time, maybe?

Even with careful measuring, it's hard to get the lines a uniform distance apart.
It doesn't help that my ruler is not flexible, but the handle surface is contoured.
I'm quite pleased with the effect of the gravy browning - yet to see how permanent it is.

I've seen the word kolrossing spelt with both a single and double s - I'm not sure which ~(if either - it's no doubt an anglicised spelling of a Scandinavian word) is right. Sorry if I have got it wrong.


  1. Fantastic work on the decoration, all attempts so far by me look like I've used a blunt screwdriver, any helpful hints?

    1. Hi Rob, well this feels a bit like the blind leading the blind, but all I do is use the tip of my frosts carving knife but holding it in a sort of pencil grip - what we call at school a tripod grip. That's about as technical as it gets! Lean on a table or something hard to begin with - not your leg - and try not to press too hard as the deeper your tip cuts into the wood, the more it drags and the more effort you have to put into drawing the blade around your design - more scope for slipping, ruining your design and doing yourself a mischief.

  2. Looks really great! What do you mean gravy? I get the coffee technique. But gravy?
    Also ive mainly seen it spelt with 2 ss's.
    Keep it up.

  3. Hi Richard,

    I have been enjoying following your, march of the spoons. I particularly appreciate you comments about your understanding long suffering wife. Mine has made the pointed suggestion that my daughter and I sweep up the kitchen floor each night after the evenings carvings. My kids work bench is conveniently situated in the kitchen.



    1. Hi Pete, thanks for your comment - always good to hear from a fellow carver. My wife is the salt of the earth - if you've got one like her then count your blessings. Most wives would have had us sectioned at the mere mention if wooden spoons, let alone the mess on the floor, up the stairs, I'm turn-ups, I'm pockets, etc, etc

  4. That was supposed to say 'in' not 'I'm'- curse and damn predictive texting!!

  5. Oh, I thought you were quoting from the film Spartacus!
    I'm turn-ups. No, I'm pockets. No, I'm Spoonacus!

  6. Oh Rob, that's given me all kinds of ideas for my new online alter ego....

    1. The Spoonfather
      Lord of the Spoons
      The Last of the Spoonicans
      Spoon Wars
      The Spoonlet Pimpernel
      Spoon of the Dead
      School for Spoondrels
      The Last Spoongo in Paris
      The 39 Spoons
      The Spoonshank Redemption

    2. In the spirit of Rememberance Sunday, I think you've gone A Spoon Too Far.

    3. long suffering is more like it. Her tollerence was tested the first time my daughter got a good carving cut. Little fingers and sharp knives. All is good and the offsping is a dedicated carver.

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