Saturday, 3 November 2012

The general concept...

In case you have come to this blog by accident, and not navigated here from my other blog (Holt & Heath Wooden Treenware), I should probably explain what it's all about and why, to date, there's nothing on it.

I am an English teacher, but one of my hobbies and unexplainable passions is for carving spoons from greenwood with axe, straight knife and hooked knife (not forgetting saw, wedges, froe and draw knife, when necessary). I have been carving spoons for a little over a year or so and in that time I have learnt much about both form and design and the materials I've been working with. I've been quite pleased with my most recent efforts and, though I still have the odd disaster, most of my spoons are fairly serviceable.

As a bit of a challenge for myself I have set a goal of carving a new spoon each week, hopefully each time a different design, using as many different woods as I can get my hands on, for each of the weeks of 2013 - hence, fifty two spoons. And there's no shirking. This is a firm commitment to carve every weekend, no skipping, so at the end of the year I can say that I made a spoon a week and will have fiftytwo spoons to show for it.

If this notion appeals to you in the least, bookmark or follow my blog, add me to your favourites or whatever method you use to keep up with blogs, and see what I manage to achieve over the coming year. There's no rush, I won't be posting until January, but thereonin there should be an average of a post per week, revealing my spoon of the week.

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