Monday, 1 April 2013

SPOON # 13 - 1st April 2013

This week's spoon is a bit of a cheat, in some ways, in that it's exactly the same as one I've done before - in fact, to be precise, it's exactly the same as five others that I've done before.

I'd mentioned some weeks ago that I wanted to do a set of six ash eating spoons and a rack to hang them on. Well, yesterday I did number six of the spoons and today knocked up the hanging rack.

The spoons, as I said are all ash and I think I'll give the bowls a bit of a rub down with sandpaper. The shelf was some wood that I split out and put in the shed to dry out about a year ago so can't actually remember what it is - looks like cedar, or something like that. I clamped it in my workmate and 'thicknessed' it with my newly sharpened No4 Stanley plane, which works like a dream. The little posts I carved from oak.

I put a bit of a chamfer on the edges of the rack just to make it a bit more interesting. When I get a little more time I wouldn't mind doing some chip carving on the back board.

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