Saturday, 13 April 2013

SPOON # 15 - Saturday 13th April

Having had such a disasterous couple of days of spoon carving last weekend, I thought I'd go back to carving ash this week - a wood I had moaned about of late but that I feel familiar and safe with.

This week's spoon is a simple eating spoon design - a design I've seen lots of other spoon carvers produce - not too difficult and fairly quick to carve, though in this case a little complicated by the dryness and consequent hardness of the particular piece I was using. I thought I'd do a little decorative carving - influenced, I think Dr Freud would have said, by my subconscious psyche.

Monday this week my wife took me to Slimming World in an attempt to help me reverse the growth of my expanding waist. I must say, it was a bit of a trip - something like a scene from Little Britain or The League of Gentlemen - but I was happy to do it if it meant me losing some weight.

Any way, having spent this week recording everything I've eaten, weighing, balancing, counting every element, I'm afraid I might be developing something of an unhealthy food obsession - one that has manifest itself in my spoon carving.

Subliminal desires!!

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