Sunday, 19 May 2013

SPOON # 20 - Sunday 19th May

I was surfing my regular favourite blogs this week when I came across this on Paul Adamson's blog 'woodsmancrafts':

If you read Paul's blog he explains that they are plans for The Finnish Defence Forces who were encouraged to carve and sell wooden spoons in order to support the war effort. I love the idea of making something with a bit of history behind it so had a go at making the smaller of the spoons (far left) out of a nice piece of sycamore.

I was fairly pleased with the results, with one small exception - no sooner had I finished carving the bowl but about ten splits appeared on the bowl and handle. I've wrapped it to dry anyway (I can't ever seem to be able to throw a spoon away) and when it's dry, they may close up and I can finish it up.

One thing is for sure, I know I'll come back to those finnish designs many times in the future.


  1. Hi Richard, glad the post was of interest to you, and you have had a go at one of the designs. I've had a go at No.s 2 and 4 as you go from Right to Left. Even using the smaller of the dimensions given, they come out pretty big. Great for group cooking in large pots though.

  2. Yes, I followed your measurements then scaled it down a bit as it was rather large. I've since printed them off in order to make templates and made both small and larger versions for eating and serving spoons. Thanks again for posting the plans - a real slice of history.