Sunday, 2 June 2013

SPOON # 21 - Sunday 26th May

Sorry it's taken me a week to finally get this spoon posted, but it's school holidays and so a busy week with the family - not to mention my birthday.

On that note, as it was my birthday this past week, I wanted to carve something a little more decorative and celebratory. I copied a design that was one of the first spoons I carved in recent years. It was a spoon from a section of birch from a tree that my mother-in-law had planted when her father unexpectedly died. It was a tree with great sentimental value, but had simply overgrown its spot in the garden had had to come down. So, as I was just beginning to show an interest in whitling, I thought I'd have a go at a spoon that she could keep to remember this special tree. I was, and still am, quite pleased with the results. There's something about the spoon that I still like.

Sorry about the dreadful quality of this picture, it was off of a text on my phone
So, having a piece of birch knocking around, I thought I'd have a go at replicating it for myself.

The newer version of my mother-in-law's spoon
I painted and decorated it a little (I'd like to say it was organic, milk paint or something of that nature, but it's actually just Barnes and Noble or some other DIY paint) and then gold leafed the orb with some 24 carat gold leaf left over from my sign writing days.

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