Sunday, 30 June 2013

SPOON # 26 - Sunday 30th June

I've just sat down to write this week's post and have just realised that this is a rather special one, as in, it's number 26 of 52, or half way. If I'd thought about this before I might have done something special, but I didn't so I will go ahead and show what I have done this week end.

As it happens I have two spoons this weekend. The first is a small cedar spoon, using kiln-dried cedar plank. I saw a rather nice little spoon in john Lewis, made of thin perspex and I thought it would look nice, in the same style and made of wood - an icecream spoon perhaps?

The second is based on a beautiful antiques spoon that Jarrod Stonedahl showed on his blog a couple of posts ago and when I saw it I knew I had to try and replicate it. Mine is made of green rowan, the original looked like a burl or root of some kind with lovely grain pattern and a wonderful dark patina. i was pleased with mine and will definately do another when I get some more interesting wood.

 You can't see it very clearly but I decorated the end with what I call invisible decoration - scalops carved onto the top edge, but that does not affect the profile.


  1. Really like the second spoon, especially the lovely carving if the handle.
    Just an idea for when you do 52 spoons again next year, could you included something to judge the size of the spoons e.g a coin etc

    Great work on the website, I've enjoyed following it,


    1. Hi Rob, thanks for you kind comments and for following the blog - it's nice to know that my Mum is not the only one who looks at it! An excellent idea, re something in the picture for size reference - I'll start next week.

      All the best, Richard

  2. Hi
    I just found it today and I , along with your mom will follow it. Good idea 52 spoons. I really like those shorter ones I will have to try one soon
    Thanks for your post

  3. You're welcome for the posts. Ju and I are thinking of doing some workshops so if you fancy a go, let me know.

  4. I wish ! I live in Los Angeles. no where close to all the good spoon carvers. and what i wouldn't do for some nice green wood! its ruff living in the city and reading how all you guys just grabbed a piece of cherry on your way home. or went for a stroll and found a sweet piece of fresh Adler. very frustrating. ;) but gives me something to aspire to.
    thank you and i hope you do your workshops for those lucky enough to go.