Tuesday, 9 July 2013

SPOON # 27 - Sunday 7th July 2013

Well, what a weekend it's been! Piping hot and very busy, what with volleyball, BBQs, babies being born (Liam Sanders), born on Friday, Wimbledon, penultimate week at my current job, preparing for a new job and visiting with family. Hence, why my getting this post up is a little late.

This week's spoon is a rowan kitchen spoon. Anyone who has read my posts regularly will know I am a fan of cranked spoons, and not such a fan of straight spoons, but I particularly like this style of spoon - quite traditional, old-fashioned and not unlike those found on the Mary Rose, if I remember correctly.

I guess the finish on the twist could be a lot smoother, but I really like the rustic look of the tooled finish.

Someone commented on one of my posts recently that I should include something in pictures in order to indicate the size of my spoons - an excellent idea and so, until I can think of something more aesthetically pleasing, here for your entertainment is a regular common-or-garden teaspoon.
One of the first spoons I made was this round shaped bowl, with the 'barley-twist' handle, but a lot shorter. I sold that one at a fair so thought I'd have another go but this time making it a little longer and so more practical for cooking. The last one I did had the year of my birth carved on the end, 1968, and the woman who bought it had done so for her son (who it turned out I had been at school with and hadn't seen for nearly 30 years) and she chose it because it was decorative and because it was consequently the date of his birth. She suggested that the next time we did a fair that we offered to carve the dates of people's choice - we might have to try that sometime.


  1. Hi,

    Great spoon, again.
    Did you plan and draw the twist on, or carved as you go?
    Thanks for including the other spoon. I quite like the contrast and reminds me of why we do carve spoons from wood!


    1. Hi Rob, thanks again for your comments - thanks for suggesting the addition of a 'contextual' item. I did the twist free-hand, though next time I think I'll draw it on first as it did go awry a couple of times.