Monday, 22 July 2013

SPOON # 29 - Sunday 21st July

This week's spoon was carved using the second of the kent pattern axe heads that I re-handled last week. This one is not as heavy as the first, the profile of the blade being much thinner. It looks like it is made by folding flat sheet metal - whether it is or not I don't actually know, but it is thin enough to be done like that. It aslo has a much straighter blade compared to the other one, and the one that I am used to using, so I was keen to find out how I got on with it.

Any way, it's nice and sharp and I found that it carved really well. The lightness meant that it didn't lend itself particularly well to removal of large amounts of wood, but it handled the fine work really well.

The spoon is rowan, I believe, and, whilst not one of my favourite designs, it's a little more traditional scandinavian, I think.

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