Sunday, 2 June 2013

SPOON # 22 - Sunday 2nd June

It was a lovely day yesterday and my family and I went over to visit my brother Julian and while we sat and chatted in the sun in his back garden, he and I did a little spoon carving together - something we haven't managed to do for about 6 months.

I chose to use a fairly basic design, one I have carved many times before but that I think is quite nice to look at, but used a wood I have never tried before. It was a piece of Laburnum which I really enjoyed as it had some colour to it right away. Not that I don't like the lighter, blonder woods, I just like the character of a darker wood.

It had a lovely close grain, which when the sun caught it looked almost like lace wood. I think I might finish and sand this one as I think it would probably look really nice polished and oiled.

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