Saturday, 14 September 2013

SPOON # 36 - Saturday 7th Sept

I am pleased to say that I succeeded in carving a laddle from the wood my neighbour gave me a few weeks ago. If you look back about four posts, I mentioned this wood, saying how frustrated I had been that every time a tried to carve it, it split at the spot where the bowl meets the handle. Well, I started this particular spoon around the same time, but when the first crack began to show, I wrapped it news paper and left it in the garage for three weeks. When I got it out last week and decided to try and finish it off I was pleased to find that it had stabilized and, despite now being much harder, I could finish it off and keep it in tact - no more splitting.

It's not quite finished. A few fine cuts and a bit of sanding I think, but I'm really pleased with it over all - a nice simple laddle from a crook.
You can see on the right side of the handle where a little knot fell out, but I quite like it - it adds a bit of character.


  1. I'd thought you had no time to carve?

    1. No,I hadn't - this was a spoon I started and roughed out weeks ago. I'd managed to spend about an hour Saturday night getting it to this stage, though still needs some fine finishing. However, things are falling into place a little better at work and I've decided that if I can't find an hour a week to do something that I enjoy, then there's something wrong. My brother and I are thinking of organising a carving get together between now and Christmas, just a meet and greet and carve and chat type affair for midlands carvers - would you be interested?

  2. What a great idea, I think the Midlands often gets missed out with greenwood activities. Too much of a focus on soot, steam and steel. It would be easier to meet after half term for me, it would be great to meet some kindred souls,