Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Plan for 2014

Thanks to all of you who commented so positively on my most recent post, for all of you who have followed throughout 2013 (and for your comments and suggestions through the year) and for being as crazy as I am about/for carving spoons.

The fact is, I can't stop now. I don't know how long I can commit to carving on a weekly basis, even though I would love to and fully intend continuing this year. So, thanks to Rob who came up with this suggestion: from now on, as well as posting my own spoons, I would like you to send me pictures and regular updates of your spoon carving projects and I will include those as well. I'm not a blogger genius so thought the most straightforward way of doing it would be for you to send pictures and a little info to the following email address:


and I will feature one a week in addition to my own efforts. Don't be shy, don't worry if you are a novice or a veteran. Let's learn and grow together - sorry, that's the teacher in me coming out.

So, get carving, get snapping and lets get spooning in 2014!

Ash cooking spoon


  1. So glad you're continuing with the 52. When I suggested that we could all contribute I didn't realise that you were going to post this fantastic cooking spoon. I'm sure we'll post something, just be kind!

  2. I am very excited of this ideea! Thanks to Rob and thanks to you, for having it!
    So, if You don't mind, I'm in! I'm sending a email right now.
    I hope only that this is not a too big challenge for me...

    The Woodchipsmaker.