Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Walnut Question....?

After posting last weeks photographs of Lujan's spoons I had a few people ask about her method of polishing using a walnut. I passed those questions on to her and this was her reply:

"I use 'walnut polishing' with kitchen wooden stuff because its natural which ensures that there would be nothing toxic in your spoons.
I do like this: I brake a walnut in some pieces, put them in a piece of cloth, make a twist in the fabric, and finally rub on the wood surface making pressure so the oil pass through the fabric.
The walnut oil will deepen the grain colour wood.
Just like that!"
Sounds like a very natural and traditional method of oiling. Give it a try - let me know how you get on.
I don't wish to be patronizing - I know everyone knows what a walnut looks like, but I just felt the post needed a picture!

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  1. That's great. Thank you for the wonderful tip. Would you use something like cheese cloth so the oil can easily get through? I can't wait to try it. Great spoons by the way. :) and loved your scoops too.